2101 A Space Age Society

Jort van welbergen flyer afstudeer project
the flyer for my project, showing the craft arrived and docked at the space station under construction
Jort van welbergen 1 page design doc 2
The 1 page game design document that provided the backbone of my graduation project
Jort van welbergen lrlrm arrival at mars v6
the LRLM logistics craft departing Mars
Jort van welbergen lrlm movement and docking gameplay
the gameplay of movement and docking explained
Jort van welbergen gameplay mockup
a mockup concept of the in-game view with the VR
Jort van welbergen t o l o brief
concept for the robot that the player will operate in the game
Jort van welbergen oru multiple platforms brief
prop design of some of the game's main components
Jort van welbergen gpms briefs
prop design for the resource components of the game
Jort van welbergen universal docking port brief
concept for the docking system of the various modules
Jort van welbergen lrlm transport and logistics module
prop/environment design for the front end of the spacecraft, housing all the logistics systems such as lifts, cargo rails and the containers
Jort van welbergen crew and life support module brief
design for the module that houses the crew, including life support systems and a swivel to counteract any thrust-G forces
Jort van welbergen nuclear propulsion brief
concept design for the propulsion module of the LRLM logistics craft
Jort van welbergen lrlm temperature control module
concept design for the cooling module, used to get rid of all excess heat produced by the nuclear reactor

My graduation project which consisted of designing and providing concepts for a VR game. In short you are an astronaut in charge of a huge space ship destined for jupiter and you will have to perform all movement, logistics and maintenance operations during transit. A better overview of the spaceship is given in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=16&v=B1LS_paaxVc
All designs are based on research provided mainly by NASA research papers on orbital mechanics, life support and nuclear propulsion.