Star Citizen, RSI rover concept
Jort van welbergen rover front
Jort van welbergen rover rear
Jort van welbergen rover ingame
Jort van welbergen rover rear view
Jort van welbergen rover side
Jort van welbergen rover cockpit
Star Citizen, RSI rover concept

Concept for the first Star Citizen rover based on an early rough in-house concept. This concept was quite tricky as it had to fit into the tight cargo bay of the RSI Constelation that was already in-game, while still incorporating various systems and carrying 6 player models with their bounding boxes. It was a fun puzzle to figure out for sure. Final concept was to lower the suspension in the cargo stage and slide the top gun down on a rail much like in Aliens. Credits to my Art Directors Paul Jones and Nathan Dearsly, Graeme Palmer and Thomas Woodward for modelling the in-game version and pushing it even further and Toby Lewin for creating some really cool looking renders.

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